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Helpless: Caledonia´s Nightmare of Fear and Ana...
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It officially began on February 28, 2006, when a handful of protesters from the nearby Six Nations reserve walked onto Douglas Creek Estates, then a residential subdivision under construction, and blocked workers from entering. Over the course of the spring and summer of that first year, the criminal actions of the occupiers included throwing a vehicle over an overpass; the burning down of a hydro transformer, which caused a three-day blackout; the torching of a bridge; and the hijacking of a police vehicle. During the very worst period, ordinary residents living near the site had to pass through native barricades, show native-issued ´´passports´´, and were occasionally threatened with body searches and routinely subjected to threats. Much of this lawless conduct occurred under the noses of the Ontario Provincial Police, who, often against their own best instincts, stood by and watched: They too had been intimidated. Arrests, where they were made, weren´t made contemporaneously, but weeks or months later. The result was to embolden the occupiers and render non-native citizens vulnerable and afraid. Eighteen months after the occupation began, a home builder named Sam Gualtieri, working on the house he was giving his daughter as a wedding present, was attacked by protesters and beaten so badly he will never fully recover from his injuries. The occupation is now in its fifth year. Throughout, Christie Blatchford has been observing, interviewing, and investigating with the tenacity that has made her both the doyen of Canadian crime reporters and a social commentator beloved for her uncompromising sense of right and wrong. In Helpless she tells the full story for the first time - a story that no part of the press or media in Canada has been prepared to tackle with the unflinching objectivity that Christie Blatchford displays here. This is a book whose many revelations, never before reported, will shock and appall. But the last word should ... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kathleen Gati. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Introducing Mr. B. The Battle Collection (eBook...
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The book is to introduce children to four of Scottish poet Robert Burns´s famous poems. The book is laid out in three steps to lead the children to the poetry. Firstly there are the stories that were inspired by the poems. Then at the back of the book there are the poems and a line by line interpretation of the poem. This latter part has been added to ensure a full understanding of the old Scots words. The four poems and stories are;Poem - Caledonia - Story - This Lion Roars Scotland´s battles to retain independence.Poem - Tam O´ Shanter - Story - Devils and Witches - Davy plays a video game to out run the witches.Poem - The Two Dogs - Story - Two Mountain Bikers - Two boys race on thier bikes and when they rest the reflect on their homes.Poem - When Wild War´s Deadly Blast - Story - Home from his tour of duty this soldier finds his love, Nancy, still waiting for him.

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