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Troodos Walking Trip (Artemis +/Myllomeris Wate...
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Phivos Ioannides, who would be guiding the trip and the walks, is a world traveller with extensive studies, wide business and other experiences. He is involved for many years in the sector of authentic ecotourism in Cyprus and is the author of a relevant guide book (with the title 'Exploring Authentic Cyprus'). He is a Greek Cypriot and specialises on guided walking trips. Our transportation (Citroen C8 MPV) can take upto six adult passengers and a driver. We keep groups small, in order to offer a more personalised service. The combination of the two trails offers a rich experience over a considerably elevation range in Cyprus: Usually excellent vistas at high elevation, juniper, black pine and barren rock Artemis, and coolness at lush Caledonia Waterfalls trail.

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